Calendshare logo

An app to make sharing calendars easier

Calendshare is a simple web application for syncing up schedules in a week when trying to find time for something. It features a guest account system (accounts are ethereal and only exist per calendar) and seamless user interface that is responsively designed. The calendar can represent all days, weekdays, or weekends, with all hours or business hours displayed. Users have the ability to add/remove availability and view how their availability syncs up with each other. Learn more.

Client Work

From Server to Serverless: U.P. Lions Serve Upgrades

I left the U.P. Lions Serve website on a DigitalOcean container, and over time, website changes became headache inducing and unruly. Luckily, I learned a few things during that time. Here's how I fixed it. Learn more.

Client Work

Finlandia Foundation logo

Making a website for America's largest Finnish Heritage organization

Finlandia Foundation National (FFN) is a non-profit organization that promotes Finnish heritage in the United States by raising funds to provide scholarships and grants, host events, and connect Finnish-Americans with their heritage. Learn more.

NMU CAMS Department logo

Redesigning a department website with a stodgy CMS

The Northern Michigan University Communications and Multimedia Studies (CAMS) Department hired me for an internship in the Summer of 2022 to rebuild their website and create content for their Facebook page. Learn more.

Client Work

Tour Da Yoop, Eh logo

How I accidentally ended up marketing a 1200-mile U.P. Bike Tour

Tour Da Yoop, Eh (TDY) is a annual 10-day bike tour that stretches 1,200 miles around the perimeter of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It features the U.P. Lions' Childhood Cancer Program as a fundraising partner. I was brought on in September 2021 to help rebuild the website after the previous event manager dropped off the project. Learn more.

Client Work

Top of the Lake logo

Building back better: a website for the Top of the Lake Communities Association

Top of the Lake Communities Association—often shortened to Top of the Lake and abbreviated as TOLCA— is a non-profit merchants association that provides community support for several towns in the midsection of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I was connected with their team in May 2020 to design and develop a new website that would inspire more tourism and activity in the area. Learn more.

Client Work

U.P. Lions Serve logo

Starting my journey with the U.P. Lions

In May 2021, I was interviewed and brought in by their outgoing web developer. At the time, the [Childhood Cancer Program](https://uplionsserve.org/cc) portion of the website was the only available content to view. Since then, I have worked to design critical branding, develop and launch the [Defense Against Diabetes](https://uplionsserve.org/dad) portion of the website alongside the launch menu, migrate the server backend, and integrate the CC Program with [Tour Da Yoop, Eh's](./tour-da-yoop-eh) web presence. Learn more.