About Me

Hail and well met!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. If we weren't already introduced, my name is Harrison Bouche. I am a web developer and designer from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. If you catch me outside of work, you'll likely find me singing, mountain biking, sipping coffee, or listening to podcasts somewhere in the rolling hills of Marquette.

I am a senior at Northern Michigan University persuing two majors: Mobile and Web Application Development, Communication Studies, and, previously, Multimedia Production. All of the skills I have learned and taught myself are put to usein my business, Sugar Maple Media, where I provide digital development and design services with a focus on giving understandable consultation to small businesses and non-profits.

What is a Digital Architect?

Expanding your digital presence is a very daunting task for many businesses and individuals. However, I see it as an exciting world where you have endless opportunities to build and expand your services. As your Digital Architect, I take on the task of designing and developing your website, along with administering various digital tools you may need to prosper in the digital space.

I take my position very seriously to make sure you get better service than you could find anywhere else. Ready to get started? I'd love to talk.

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